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  2. Bought the gayatri mantre it’s audio is not working

  3. Hi, ofcourse also you need to make sure the iPhone is not on silent or mute for the audio to work. I hope this helps.



  4. Audio dosen’t work. I phone is working fine. Re fund please

    • Hi Hemita,

      Make sure the iPhone is not on silent and speakers are set to maximum volume. You will not hear the audio if the iPhone is on silent. Also, is the version of your iPhone OS 3.0 or above. This will also be needed for the audio to work properly. Could you please try these and let me know? Btw, which of my app’s have you downloaded? There are no known problems with the audio. Although, if these still don’t work, I will send you a distribution build of the app to make sure it works on your iPhone.



    • Are you happy with the latest free updates?

  5. Hi, the music stops whenever there is a screensaver activated. Kindly rectify this issue as I have to stop screensaver all the time I want to listen to this bhajan.


    • Hi,

      Thanks for purchasing this app.

      The iphone automatically shows the screensaver when any app is inactive for some time. There is no option on the iphone to even increase this time limit. The bhajan is inside the app and the iphone will show the screensaver if the app is inactive for some time. This is typical iphone behavior and cannot be changed. You could try tapping on the app screen to keep it active once in awhile.



    • Are you happy with the latest updates?

  6. My om namah shivay app just suddenly stopped working

    • Hi Sue,

      Thanks for purchasing the app. Could you please walk me through what you did after downloading the Om namah shivay app? Did it work the first time? I just tested the app on my iPhone which has 4.1 version of iOS and it works fine.

      Please let me know so I that I can understand the problem and if it still doesn’t work I can provide you with a promo code to download the app again from the app store.

      Kind Regards,


    • Are you happier with the later updates?

  7. I hv loaded om jai jagadesh nd there is no sound I hv even checks the software version of my iPhone but still it is not working cud u plz do something or refund the money. Thanx

  8. the mantra is gud. there r 4 problems .i’m using latest software on iphone 4 .
    1. u dont get to forward or rewind .
    2. the scroll thing down there with the stop button is completely incorrect , the mantra starts and it reachs to end ,so u dont know how long is the mantra , how much is it left ,,, if u cnt understand something n if u want to rewind that specific mantra ,there is no option to do dat.
    3. the biggest problem is that it does nt work if iphone goes to sleep mode after 1 or 2 minutes ,the mantra keeps playing but u cant hear anything ,which is kind of frustrating coz u have to keep pressing the screen to make sure it does nt stop, as there’s no rewind option. but actually it keeps playing but theres no sound after iphone goes to sleep mode.
    4. if u press the home button , it copletely turns it off , so u have to start all over again.

    the mantra is gud ,but its useless without making these changes.

    • Hi Ishu,

      Thanks for downloading the app and your suggestions for improvements. Although, this was one of my first attempts at iPhone programming. I have included some of your suggestions in other apps I have made eg. they have the forward, rewind and tracking to skip to the part you want to listen to. You could check them out if you are interested. I could include these in an update, and I probably will.

      Thanks again!

      Kind Regards,


  9. also my phone is not on silent mode .

  10. Hi,
    I just bought the Maha Laxmi Mantra app, it works fine thank you. But the issue is, mantra plays only for around 3 mins and finishes. It’s not that it stops at middle I can see the bar at the end. My concern is it finished in such a way that it has stopped in the middle like Te singer is singing the Mantra but stops. Is mantra just around 3 mins n made in that way finishes when still singing??


    • Hi Anup, I’ve put out a lot of updates since. Just wanted to know if you’re satisfied more with them than earlier versions? I’m working on more updates and a new design. I’ve uploaded an update for Gayatri Mantra and Saibaba Aarti to the App Store that should be reviewed after the Christmas Holiday. You might want to look out for them. Also please feel free to review the apps and provide suggestions that I will really try to work on. Also, I’ve put out 4 app bundles, 3 of them being religious that provides a heavy discount of upto 90% off. You might want to check them out. Thanks again. God bless.

    • Are you happier with the later updates? Lmk. Thanks.

  11. i have installed mahalaxmi mantra. it stops before mantra reaches end.(stops in about 4 min) i tried reboot, reistall but same result. pls fix this immediately or pls refund.

  12. Puchased the mahamrityunjay mantra for my ipad ,it doesnot work,once you click on the icon it tries to open but doesnot.
    Please advise what should i do for it to run on my ipad

  13. I have ipad1 and I just bought Mahamritunjay mantra and downloaded. I see the icon but it does not open up the application.
    Please help

  14. Jorge David Uribe August 7, 2014 — 3:10 am

    The dot lock app got blocked and can’t get any of my codes. Please help!

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